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Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor
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Medications administered
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Medications administered

This is where I will keep track of the types of drugs used and what effects they had on me during chemo.

I will be treated intravenously with vincristine 2 mg/m2, doxorubicin 75 mg/m2, cyclophosphamide 1.8g/m2, alternating with 5 day cycles of etoposide 100 mg/m2/day, ifosfamide 1.8 g/m2/day for a total of 11-15 courses. The first which to begin on 4-7-2003. Then treatment every 3 weeks. After each chemo I will recieve an injection of Leukine 500 mg sub q daily for 10 days to keep my white blood cells up.
June 6th I started a experimental drug. A phase 2 study of AP23573 an mTOR Inhibitor. The company that is sponsoring this study is ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The drug will be given to me by IV once daily for 5 consecutive days at approx. the same time each day followed by 9 days without.For a total 8 weeks or 2 cycles.

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